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Tech Tips! - How to fix a creaky pedal

Tech Tips! - How to fix a creaky pedal - Artisan Piano Services
As summer is starting to wind down parents everywhere are beginning to think about getting back to school and piano lessons. Unfortunately, many folks are getting back to their pianos and noticing little things that may not have been there at the beginning of summer. For instance, creaky pedals!!!
During the seasonal changes the piano case parts swell and contract.
This can cause more or less space in-between the case parts. This makes them more prone to creaking with any movement in the parts themselves. Perhaps the main creak you are experiencing in your upright piano is the pedal board flexing. This flex happens when the pedal is pushed downward and in turn, flexes the pedal board itself downward which creates a creak.

Try this to fix that creaky pedal!

An easy fix is simply putting something underneath the center of the piano such as a book. Be sure to push it far under so you don’t see it. This will create a hard surface so the pedal board doesn’t flex and will eliminate the creaking when you use the pedals. Hopefully, that was helpful and as always if you have any questions please contact us at! Thank you and have a wonderful day!!!