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The best way to keep your piano in tune!

The best way to keep your piano in tune! - Artisan Piano Services

Many people don’t know that the number one reason your piano goes out of tune is humidity fluctuations. Your piano is primarily made of wood and is very susceptible to humidity changes; that is to say, too much or too little water in the air. Ideally, your piano will be in an environment of 45- 70% relative humidity.  The easiest way to measure this is by using what’s called a hygrometer - these are available online and generally cost around $10-$15. And they are great for helping you see what’s going on with the moisture in the air. Here is a link to get more information and to purchase your hygrometer if you’d like.

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Now, if you're consistently seeing that the humidity is too low, go ahead and adjust the heat around the piano, maybe turn down some of the heat registers, and even add some plants around the area of the  room to bring up the moisture level. If the humidity is too high, try to adjust the heat so it can dry out the air more. If you’re still having a hard time keeping the environment at a good humidity level, you may also want to consider installing a humidifier in the room or even a humidity control system on the piano itself...

These are simple things you can do to help your piano stay in tune longer and make it that much more fun to play!