Jonathan is a second-generation piano technician. He trained under, and worked with, his father for many years in the family piano restoration business. He served special needs individuals in a residential setting for a number of years, and graduated with honors with a Masters degree, planning to pursue a career in government. Jonathan realized that he really enjoys working on pianos and making them sound their best, and feeling the satisfaction of being a craftsman in a field of beauty. He has been an active member, and the Secretary-Treasurer, for a local chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild in California. Jonathan came to Artisan with impressive skills, experience and knowledge of servicing pianos. In his free time, Jonathan enjoys 3D modeling and computer animation, and programming. He loves, Choral singing, playing the piano and walking his dogs. 


2nd Generation piano technician – A craftsman and skilled service provider
Background in piano rebuilding and restoration 
Musician, computer wiz, and dog lover!