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About Daisy:

Is a Certified Piano Technician through the Piano Technician Academy and is currently an independent contractor/technician.

Trained as a restoration technician at a premier piano store and distributor in Utah.

Has worked with Artisan Piano Services for almost 3 years as a rebuilder and technician.

Specialized skills and knowledge of piano repair, rebuilding and restoration.

Extensive background in rebuilding piano actions, soundboards, keytops, and restringing.

Currently working toward an Associates of Science degree at Clackamas Community College for their Music and Technology program with hopes to work in the music industry as a producer, sound engineer, and composer while continuing to work in the piano technology industry.

Plays twelve instruments, with a special emphasis on and love for the piano, of course!

Enjoys all the many wonderful outdoor activities that the Portland area has to offer.

Loves exploring different cities through their unique culinary experiences, cultural backgrounds and outdoor adventures.

The Artisan Piano Team