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Why should you hire a professional piano mover?

We at Artisan Piano Services are so excited to announce our partnership with Seattle Piano Moving in the Washington area for your entire piano moving needs!  We recommend Seattle Piano Moving due to their friendly and professional staff, who are also highly qualified and helpful!  Artisan’s Founder David Hayes says of the partnership “I’ve known Aaron for years and am beyond excited to be partnering with him and Seattle Piano Moving.  Seattle Piano MovingWe both share an affinity for quality and providing our customers with the very best service.  We love how friendly, professional, and honest the Seattle Piano Moving Company is and know that our customers will receive the very best care for their piano!” What makes a piano mover qualified and why should you use one?  According to Aaron Firpo, the owner and founder, first and foremost, piano movers know their pianos. It’s their job, and they work with these instruments day in and day out for their entire career. All of the oddball challenges of the job that come along like tricky stair moves, pianos that need to go over uneven terrain to reach a back door of a house, or an obscure assembly designs on a rare pianos are all things that a good piano mover is very well suited to handle.  Professional piano movers have all of the equipment and knowledge necessary to get your piano moved from point a to point b safely while protecting your flooring and drywall in the process. This offers the piano owner peace of mind that their piano is being moved by the best. Many piano movers also offer climate-controlled storage. Customers often find themselves in need of a safe climate controlled storage solution for their piano while they are in transition from one home to the next. This sort of humidity and temperature-controlled environment is critical for a pianos soundboard, pin block, and even finish to stay in tiptop shape. Improper storage (non-climate and humidity controlled) can lead to cracked soundboards, pin blocks, and shattered lacquer finishes. Piano movers are knowledgeable in the best temperature and humidity level to keep their storage facilities in to best protect your piano for the short or long term. 

Seattle Piano Moving“After we move a piano for a client, the next step is to have the piano tuned. A good piano tuner can bring a piano to life with color and tone that the instrument may not have shown before. We have found Artisan Piano Service to be part of the best piano technicians in the area.  We are proud to partner with Artisan for our client’s continued piano service.” - Aaron Firp.  


For more information on Seattle Piano Moving, please contact them at: 

Seattle Piano Moving 

3035 W Commodore Way, Unit 309 Seattle, WA 98199


HOURS Truck:Tuesday - Saturday 8am-5pm (Our moving team is off Sundays and Mondays)

Office:Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm