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We're working with the Snowman Foundation!

We have some exciting news!  Last month Artisan Piano Services began servicing Michael Allen Harrison’s Snowman Foundation.  This foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing instruments, instruction and inspiration to deserving children.  The Snowman Foundation was formed in 1999 to fill the gap in music left by a lack of funds in schools. The foundation’s primary source of funding comes from their annual Ten Grands concert and since 2000, they have raised nearly three million dollars!  This wonderful organization allows people to donate in a few different ways. First you can donate your instrument, you can sponsor a child or you can volunteer your time.

We are so very proud to work with such an amazing organization and are blessed to be given the opportunity to discount our services to them so that they can get pianos ready for delivery to homes this holiday season!  The folks over at The Snowman Foundation are very happy with the way things are working, as they are now able to get pianos into young people’s homes quickly and with reliability! 


Jessica Johnson, Associate Professor of Piano and Director of Graduate Studies in Piano Pedagogy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, gives Hannah Kim, 9, some instruction and some physical tweaking during the Young Pianists Institute on this first day of the Portland International Piano Festival. Johnson calls Kim her ''Grand-student'' because Kim's instructor, Julia Hwakyo Lee, used to be a student of Johnson. Kim goes to Findley Elementary School and has been playing the piano since age six. Benjamin Brink/The Oregonian

Music has the power to change the life of one child, that we all know.  But the power to create goes far beyond the development of one individual student. It ripples out into the community spreading itself without limitation, for music is a respecter of no person.  And that may be its greatest power, that its boundaries are indeed limitless.

Ten Grands 2019
April 20th - 2:00pm