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Thrilled to be working with PIF!

We have some exciting news to share! Artisan Piano Services now services Play It Forward (PIF) a non-profit organization dedicated to providing instruments, instruction and inspiration to deserving children.  Michael Allen Harrison started the Snowman Foundation and Play It Forward in 1999 to support music education in Portland, Oregon and fill the gap in music left by a lack of funds in schools. The foundation’s primary source of funding comes from their annual Ten Grands concert. 
We are so very proud to work with this amazing organization and are blessed to be given the opportunity to discount our services to them so that they can get pianos ready for delivery to deserving homes!  The folks over at Play It Forward are very happy with the way our partnership is working, as they are now able to get pianos into young people’s homes quickly and with reliability! 
Music has the power to change the life of one child, that we all know. But the power to create goes far beyond the development of one individual student. It ripples out into the community spreading itself without limitation, for music is a respecter of no person. And that may be its greatest power, that its boundaries are indeed limitless.
Play It Forward