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Artisan Signature Tuning in Portland, OR Includes:

The sound of a well-tuned piano is magical and inspiring! Our expert Piano tuners have years of training to help restore the tone and sound of your piano. We will meticulously tune your piano, adjusting the pitch, to bring back the stability and tonal beauty that is within your piano.

We take great pride in our work and love what we do. We want to leave your piano not only sounding good but looking good as well. With all our tuning services, we perform a basic vacuuming of the inside of your piano around the tuning pins and do a wipe down of the highly visible areas. We also offer a more in-depth cleaning (must be scheduled in advance) for an additional charge.

Over time parts inside pianos wear down and need adjusting. The pedals are a good example of this. We believe that recalibrating and regulating your pedals during the tuning appointment is a critical step in properly tuning your piano. This simple adjustment will give you better control and overall use of the pedals.

Sticking keys, squeaky pedals, and buzzing strings are just a few normal issues that are common to pianos. Luckily, most of these repairs are easy to fix, and often can be done at no additional cost during your tuning appointment. Be sure to let us know of any of issues with your piano ahead of time so we can come prepared.

Over time your piano hammers become harder from constantly hitting the strings.  This can create a very harsh and abrasive sound.  Our tuners have the tools and skills necessary to soften your pianos hammers, which will give you a more soft and sweet tone.  Be sure to talk to your tuner if this is something you would like done at the time of service.

Sometimes your piano needs more than just a minor repair. Our expert piano tuner will assess your piano’s condition from pedals to keys. We will provide you with important information and no-pressure estimates to make your piano play and sound incredible.

Our Peace of Mind Guarantee: If you have any problems within 30 days after we service your piano, call us and we’ll send one of our technicians out free of charge to address your concerns.

Piano Tuning in Portland