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Why should I get my piano appraised?

Why should I get my piano appraised? - Artisan Piano Services

For nearly 20 years we have been helping our customers with piano appraisals!

Getting a piano appraisal can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Determining Value: An appraisal provides an accurate assessment of your piano's current market value. This information can be valuable for insurance purposes, estate planning, or if you're considering selling the piano.

  • Current Condition: We can evaluate the condition of your piano, taking into account it's age, wear and tear, and can recommend any necessary repairs or restoration work to bring it back to it's full potential.

  • Negotiating Power: If you're buying or selling a piano, knowing the true value of the instrument can help ensure you're getting a fair deal or can help you set an appropriate selling price.

  • Preserving Family Heirlooms: Many pianos hold sentimental value as family heirlooms. We can help you understand the monetary value of your piano while also guiding you on how to properly maintain and preserve it for future generations.

  • Expert Advice: Because we have specialized knowledge and expertise in assessing pianos, we can offer insights into the instrument's history, craftsmanship, and potential for appreciation or depreciation in value over time.

Peace of Mind: Whether you're insuring your piano, planning to sell it, or simply want to understand its worth, we can provide peace of mind knowing that you have accurate information about your piano!