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Hire a piano technician to do the piano cleaning for you!

Hire a piano technician to do the piano cleaning for you! - Artisan Piano Services

Over the years, pianos – like many things – collect dust.  A piano can have up to 7,000-12,000 parts that all need regular maintenance and cleaning.

Pianos are much more difficult to clean than normal household items; properly cleaning the piano not only requires the correct tools, but the expertise and knowledge to do so. But the end result is a longer life and a fuller, more beautiful sound from the instrument.

Piano Cleaning Before and After

Why you should hire someone to professionally clean your piano?

The complexity of the action is the main reason why pianos require special training for maintenance, tuning, repairs and piano cleaning. Parts include  keys, hammers, dampers, action brackets, flanges, whippens, screws, springs, and various other intricate pieces. Piano technicians have specialized knowledge of each part and how they work.  

Our techs have the correct tools and training to clean areas that may be difficult for a customer to reach like under the strings and the keybed without causing damage to sensitive parts like strings, keys, and hammers.

Choosing a piano technician clean your piano provides peace of mind, knowing that the instrument is in the hands of someone with the right skills and knowledge. It reduces the risk of accidental damage that may occur with DIY cleaning attempts.

Piano Cleaning Artisan Piano Services

For more information or to schedule a deep cleaning for your piano, visit our cleaning page!