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Ease Holiday Stress by Playing Your Piano!

Ease Holiday Stress by Playing Your Piano! - Artisan Piano Services

Thanksgiving is upon us, and our time will soon be spent with family and friends, places to be, shopping to be completed, and a full social calendar! For many, this can cause a large amount of stress and in some cases; sadness for those who have lost loved ones or who feel lonely.

Studies have shown people who are taking piano lessons, or who play the piano consistently can weather the ups and downs of this time of year much better than those who don’t!
This wonderful instrument can help you get through the stress that comes with the Holiday season. The piano is also the perfect place to visit with friends and family and share your love of music with those you love.
This month’s tech tip is:
Make sure your piano is in tiptop shape with a tuning from Artisan Piano Services.
Pianos are so much more enjoyable to play when they are in tune! Whether it has been a couple of months or 20 years since your piano was last tuned, we can help! We make it easy to schedule with our online scheduling!