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Deep Cleaning Your Piano!

Deep Cleaning Your Piano! - Artisan Piano Services
You may be interested in adding a DEEP Cleaning to your next tuning with us!
It's an in-depth 4 hour service where we tune and deep clean your piano.
It includes:
Taking out and blowing out all the dust off the action parts
Cleaning under the key bed
Cleaning under the strings (grands)
Cleaning the exterior
Trap work (uprights)
Polishing pedals
Polishing the treble strings
Cleaning the plate around the pin-block
Cleaning the key tops and sharps
Polishing of the capo bar on uprights
Wiping down the case parts to remove dust
Standard Tuning Service:
*Preliminary Cleaning
*Regulation of Pedals
*Minor Repairs
*30-Day Peace of Mind Guarantee
Here are some BEFORE and AFTERS!