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Brand New Partnership With Piano Technician Academy, An Online School!

Hello from David Hayes, the founder of Artisan Piano Services!  As you know, our goal at Artisan Piano Services is making sure that pianos are performing and bringing happiness to people long into the future.  To help accomplish this and to help the piano industry continue moving forward, we’ve always been obsessed with training the next generation of amazing piano technicians.  By offering our team a real hands-on education and apprenticeship, taught by incredible service men and women, we’ve created some of the most talented piano technicians s I’ve ever had the privilege to be around.  We truly love pianos and the only way the piano will survive long into the future, is if the beauty of the piano is maintained by wonderful technicians for years to come.

With this in mind, I am so very excited to announce that we have partnered with one of the worlds premier piano technology training schools of today: piano technician academy.

Piano Technician Academy is an online school that helps educate and train the world’s next piano technicians.  They have done an incredible job and the material that they have produced is fantastic.  We’ve been invited to become a part of this incredible school and help bring our expertise and training into the course.  Together, Artisan Piano Services and Piano Technician Academy have completely overhauled the course to become something that much more amazing.  With our real-world training and knowledge matched with the already incredible course, we know the technicians we train today will be bringing beauty and happiness to the piano and their owners for generations to come. 

The Piano Technician Academy is first and foremost an Online Piano Tuning and Repair School. Over the years we have been asked by our students to develop more courses in other piano-related areas. At this moment in time, we currently offer an online Piano Moving course in addition to our Piano Tuning and Repair Course.  Take a moment to look at our course offerings.  We are getting five-star ratings! 

Check out our student’s reviews!  If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at:


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