At Artisan Piano Services we truly believe in creating and cultivating a team atmosphere.  We seek out artisans who share our company’s vision and have the skills and ability to make that vision come to life.  Being a team in every sense of the word means that we rely on each other for help and encouragement; this unites us and enables us to better serve each other as well as our customers.  Our technicians are constantly honing their skills and teaching each other new techniques and practices. Our staff continually discusses and implements new ideas about how to better serve you, our valued customer.  We are here to serve you not as individuals, but as a team of people who work together to give you the very best piano servicing experience possible.

Portland Team Members

David Hayes
David has always had a passion for working with people, old-world craftsmanship and quality service, not to mention, a unique understanding and sense of business. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest all of his life, David loves the vibrant culture and exciting piano industries in both Oregon and Washington. David has begun to transition from a service technician position to more of a coach and mentor for the techs and office staff alike. He is involved in all aspects of the company, and loves watching the other team-members take initiative and bring their own individual assets to the business, benefiting fellow team members and customers alike. David’s spare time is spent with his lovely wife Kathy and four children, Amara, Lily, Gabriel and Everett. David enjoys kayaking, woodworking, and discussing cult-classic movie trivia with fellow team-members.
Doug Hayes
Doug has been around from Artisan’s beginning, helping to form the idea and philosophy of our company. As David’s father, he has been a truly instrumental figure in all major planning and organizing of the business. Doug’s responsibilities include all of the ‘fun’ things such as budgeting, business forecasting, and being a sounding board for new ideas and practices. Doug has wide and extensive experience in business management, sales and marketing, and human relations. His ability to counsel and coach others is what makes him truly irreplaceable. Doug and his wife Amy enjoy travel, camping & fishing, reading, and spending time with their growing number of grand babies.
Angela Kelly
Office Administrator
Angela has been playing the piano for over 25 years and is our resident piano guru. With a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Piano Pedagogy Certificate from Marylhurst University and a Master of Music in Piano Performance from Portland State University, she has dedicated her life to the piano. Angela helps to run the day-to-day operations of our office, and leads our promotional department. Angela has a curiosity and fascination about the mechanical aspects of pianos, and loves learning from the technicians as much as she can. She is kind-hearted and loves to help bring music into people’s lives. When she is not helping run our office, Angela also teaches piano lessons, enjoys gardening, traveling and researching anything about Civil War History.
Jennifer Winfrey
Customer Service Specialist
Jen is the person you are likely to meet first when you call Artisan. Her friendly demeanor and desire to effectively meet the needs of all our customers makes her an important member of our team. She is a lover of the Arts, especially music (she is a huge of fan of Phantom of the Opera), and worked as the Music Editorial Assistant for the Oregonian Newspaper for several years. She has Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health, and in addition to being the recycling guru at Artisan, Jen is known for her planning and organizational skills. Jen enjoys her pets, travel, backpacking, environmental health and volunteer opportunities.
Bethany Feil
Customer Service Specialist
Bethany was born in Portland, Oregon, but her family moved soon after to California where she was raised, and received her B.A. in Dance from California State University, Long Beach. She has enjoyed a career as a professional ballet dancer and instructor. Her national and international dance performance experience has given her a passion for bringing hope and healing through the arts. Bethany returned to her Portland roots in 2016 to work on her M.A. in Ministry and Leadership at Western Seminary. She is a founding member and Assistant Artistic Director of Instruments Ballet Company based in Oregon City. Her attention to detail and lovely personality enable her to meet the needs of our customers and support our technicians. Bethany enjoys international travel, watching British dramas, eating all manner of sweets and practicing speaking Spanish.
Adam Hayes
Supervising Technician
Adam oversees all of the Portland area Field Technicians, and is responsible for all training, exceptional customer service, and coordinating the shop, office and technicians. He began in the piano restoration department, and progressively became one of our outstanding field technicians, tuning and repairing pianos in our customer’s homes, businesses and schools. He is an incredibly gifted musician and plays the piano wonderfully. Adam has an easygoing nature and is always making the rest of the team laugh with his quirky sense of humor. When he’s not working, he enjoys running, and loves kicking back and relaxing playing video games, watching a movie and being with good friends. Adam and his wife Rhiannon have one child – Theodore (“Teddy”)!
Ryan Gracey
Field Technician – Portland
Originally from the Midwest, Ryan comes to us with a love and appreciation for the great outdoors, and an enthusiasm for piano construction that is hard to match. Ryan has trained with some of the finest technicians in both Oregon and Washington and offers a wide range of knowledge and skills. Ryan’s kind heart and gentle demeanor have been a tremendous benefit not only to our company but to our customers as well. Along with recording his own music, Ryan enjoys biking, camping and hiking any chance he gets – the world over!
Ben Wasson
Field Technician – Portland
Ben is a third-generation Oregonian. He has been a drummer in the Portland area for the last 15 years, playing with the Portland Center Stage, Broadway Rose, and Big Horn Brass. He has a Bachelor Degree is Jazz Performance from Portland State University. Ben started his piano servicing career with Classic Pianos, and continued his education and training when he joined the Artisan team. Our customers love Ben’s outgoing and friendly personality, and has become incredibly valuable member of our team. Ben and his wife Cassandra like to spend their off-time hiking or biking around Oregon, playing board games with friends and pursuing his musical dreams. They have a fine strapping boy, Henry.
Jack Roberts
Field Technician – Portland
Jack has played piano for 25 years, composed music for various projects and movies, and played and toured with bands for 15 years. He has worked as a highly skilled piano technician in both Pennsylvania and Oregon, maintaining multiple pianos at Princeton University, and concert tunings for prominent musicians, including the Portland Jazz Festival. Jack is an exceptional technician, having studied with well-respected technicians, and received specialty training from Yamaha at the Little Red School House in Buena Park, CA. He enjoys rock climbing, practicing yoga, hiking (Appalachian Trail), reading (Tolkien, Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut, etc.), and is an Eagle Scout.
Jack Dobson
Field Technician – Portland
William came to us as an 8th generation Texan – and assures us that although you can take the man out of Texas, you can’t take Texas out of the man. He even has a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Texas A & M! William has extensive education, training and experience as a Certified Piano Technician from the Piano Technician Academy, including a 2-year apprenticeship with a Registered Piano Technician and an intensive Piano Restoration Training program. He is a skilled tuner, and repair technician, and is passionate in service to his customers. William has always been mechanically oriented, which he channeled into working on pianos. He’s an excellent guitar player, and loves music and concerts.
Noah Brooks
Piano Refinishing Supervisor – Portland
Noah manages the refinishing department for Artisan. Noah has 18 years of experience in piano, furniture, cabinet, and even porcelain refinishing. He and David (Artisan Founder) have known each other nearly all their lives, and have spent most of their careers working on pianos together. Noah’s love for his work shows through in his incredible level of detail and care. Noah loves all things outdoors and especially fishing with his wife. He and his wife Sharon have 4 wonderful children.
Ben Hayes
Restoration – Portland
Ben is one of our restoration technicians who also helps our team with field work as well. Ben works primarily in the restoration center focusing on stringing, belly work, and action work. He has always had a passion for not only working with his hands in a technical sense, but also loves to work hand-in-hand with our customers to bring their pianos back to life. He’s a natural helper, loves serving others and has become an incredibly powerful member of the artisan team. When he’s not hard at work rebuilding and servicing pianos, Ben and his wife Hope can be found out enjoying the outdoors, watching their favorite TV shows, or just relaxing with their friends.

Belleuve Team Members

Joshua Mayfield
Lead Technician - Bellevue
Joshua, native of Bellevue, WA, came to Artisan with a wide array of skills and technical abilities, having been trained by some of the same Pacific Northwest’s industry leading technicians as David (Founder/Owner). Joshua has shown himself to be a true asset to our team with his love of pianos and working with people. He has always loved the piano because it blends music and mechanics in such a unique way. Joshua and his wife Amanda are true Pacific Northwest outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, and biking. They have a marvelous little boy named Owen.
Tom Erickson
Field Technician – Bellevue
Tom was a professional saxophonist and composer in Denver, CO, while he earned his Bachelor degree of Music in Jazz Performance. Years later, at grad school (Master degree of Music in Jazz Composition) in New York City, he established his jazz orchestra, the Flying Dragon. It was in NYC that he began working as a piano tuner and discovered the ideal way to combine his two favorite pastimes; making music and working with his hands. He apprenticed for 3 years with Floating Piano Factory serving as the official piano tuners for the American Museum of Natural History and the BRICK Jazz Festival. He is active member of the Piano Technicians Guild.
Cobrun Sells
Field Technician – Bellevue
Cobrun is an accomplished pianist, and worked as a professional choral accompanist for 11 years with both large ensembles and individual singers. He Studied Music Performance – Percussion at the University of Wisconsin. He began pursuing a career as a piano technician 2015 by studying piano technology in Montreal, QC, and earned the title of Certified Piano Technician from the Piano Technician Academy. In his quest to become a professional piano technician, Cobrun even spent time as piano mover. His passion for music and pianos is exceeded only by his good-natured personality and reliable service. Cobrun’s personal interests are as varied as they are interesting: he enjoys pumpkin growing, composing and arranging drum-line music for marching bands, reading and loving his cat.