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At Artisan Pianos, we’re committed to making sure that your piano is living up to its full potential. Over the years, a piano’s parts and action mechanisms become worn and misaligned. This creates an unevenness and lack of control for the player. The piano’s sound and tone suffer as well.

Artisan Piano Services’ professional Piano Tuning and Repair in Richland, WA can keep your piano’s sound and performance in top condition, giving your instrument a deeper level of care.

Piano Tuning Services in Richland, WA

Our professional piano tuning services come in three tiers. At every tier, Artisan Pianos Services’ expert Piano Tuners in Richland, WA give your instrument a deeper level of care.

Our Standard Piano Tuning Services

Artisan Pianos Services’ Piano Tuning Service Packages are designed to address your instrument’s issues. This is done through the fine work of action regulation, which involves the spacing, aligning, and recalibration of the piano’s action parts.

Whether you’re getting our standard services or our gold-tier package, Artisan Pianos makes sure to give your piano the level of care it deserves.

Our Piano Tuning Services in Richland, WA include:


Just like your car, your piano is going to sound its best if it is regularly tuned. Because pianos are made mostly from wooden parts, the weather in the Pacific Northwest area has a significant impact on how quickly your piano goes out of tune. Regular tuning will provide more stability to the sound of your piano and increase its value.

Preliminary Cleaning

Pianos are beautiful instruments but they collect a lot of dust and dirt over time. Properly cleaning your piano in part involves pulling on the strings, so it is important to have our piano tuners clean your piano at the same time your piano is tuned.

Regulation of Pedals

Our expert piano tuners will adjust your piano’s action, which are the inside mechanical parts of your piano, as well as your piano’s pedals. This is necessary to address the effects of use and changes in wood and wool that are caused by the weather in the Tri-Cities areas. Regulating your piano’s action and pedals is a critical step in properly tuning your piano.

Minor Piano Repairs

Many repairs can be made in your home during the piano tuning process. Repairs that can be made with no additional service call (such as sticking keys or squeaky pedals) are included in our piano tuning service. Ask your technician for more details.

Assessment of Your Piano’s Condition

Sometimes your piano needs more than just a minor repair. Our expert piano technicians can assess your piano’s condition from pedals to keys. We will provide you with important information and no-pressure estimates to make your Richland or Tri-Cities area piano look and sound new!

Piano Cleaning Services

Our professional piano craftsmen know that cleaning pianos take an extra level of care. Properly cleaning a piano requires the right tools and expertise to do so. At the end of our Piano Cleaning Services, your piano will look and sound beautiful.

Piano Repair Services

As one of the most complicated musical instruments ever created, resolving your piano’s problems takes expertise. Artisan Pianos Services’ expert piano craftsmen are equipped to handle the repair, adjustment, or replacement of your instrument.

Clicks, buzzes, and sticking keys are some of the most common problems that we see. In many cases, we are able to resolve these types of issues during your tuning, often at no additional charge.

If your piano is having some issues, you can give Artisan Pianos Services a call. We’ll send a technician over to resolve the issue and get your instrument sounding beautifully again.

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Artisan Piano Services is one of the top piano servicing companies in the Pacific Northwest. With multiple locations and a strong desire to bring quality and craftsmanship to the piano industry, our piano services are guaranteed to give your instrument the care it needs. Contact Us Now!

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