Whatever your piano means to you – whether it is beautiful music, a piece of fine art in your living room, or a treasured family heirloom – Artisan Piano Services is committed to meeting your expectations with superior restoration.

Breathing new life into a century-old piano is our passion. Whether we are refinishing the case, refurbishing the insides, or completely rebuilding your piano, our goal is to preserve the beauty and integrity of your instrument for generations to come.

Most of the pianos that we restore were originally built approximately between 1900 – 1930’s a time known as the Golden Age of pianos. These pianos were built with some of the best craftsmanship, wood selection, and care. Many of these pianos are still around today just waiting to be restored back to their original condition.

There are three main components to restoring a piano, which we like to think of as the A, B, C’s of piano construction. They are the Action, Belly, and Cabinet. Each of these three components also correlate to 3 of your senses.

The Action

  • The Action is the most complicated portion of your piano, consisting of the thousands of moving parts (hammers, keys, etc). The action is what your fingers directly touch.


The Belly

  • The Belly consists of the soundboard, bridges, strings, etc., and directly relates to what you hear. The vibrations of the strings are made louder by the soundboard which is basically a giant speaker.



The Cabinet

  • The Cabinet, which is the exterior case, is the most visually aesthetic part of the piano.


We tailor our services to the needs, desires and budget of our customers. Everything from simple cabinet refinishing to complete restoration. Please feel free to give us a call for a free quote for restoration work on your piano.

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