What is Piano tuning?

Piano tuning is the process of altering the pitch of the piano strings by either tightening or loosening the tuning pins.

Why do I need to have my Piano tuned?

In order to have the most beautiful sound coming out of your piano, it must be periodically tuned, just like every other instrument. The main reason pianos go out of tune is primarily weather and temperature related.  Since the piano is made of mostly wood, it is very susceptible to moisture in the air.  Pianos tend to swell during the wet months and contract during the dryer months, making it sound flat or sharp.  Other factors that can contribute to a piano going out of tune include: moving it, how often and how hard the piano is being played, and in some cases there can be something structural wrong with the piano itself

How often should I tune my Piano?

Because a piano’s tuning changes with the seasons, your piano would sound its best if you have it tuned every season.  This however, this is not very financially feasible for most people. Most of our clients tune their pianos every 6 months, once in the summer months and once in the winter months.  If you go too long between tunings, not only does the piano start to sound bad, it is often more difficult and costly to bring it back into correct tune.

What can I do to help my Piano stay in tune?

The biggest thing people can do is maintain a good average temperature in their house, allowing for fluctuations of no more than 10 degrees.  Placing your piano away from drafty doors & windows, as well as from fireplaces & other heat sources will also help your piano stay in tune.