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We have some exciting news to share! Artisan Piano Services now services Play It Forward (PIF) a non-profit organization dedicated to providing instruments, instruction and inspiration to deserving children.  Michael Allen Harrison started the Snowman Foundation and Play It Forward in 1999 to support music education in Portland, Oregon and fill the gap in music left by a lack of funds in schools. The foundation’s primary source of funding comes from their annual Ten Grands concert. 
We are so very proud to work with this amazing organization and are blessed to be given the opportunity to discount our services to them so that they can get pianos ready for delivery to deserving homes!  The folks over at The Snowman Foundation are very happy with the way our partnership is working, as they are now able to get pianos into young people’s homes quickly and with reliability! 
Music has the power to change the life of one child, that we all know. But the power to create goes far beyond the development of one individual student. It ripples out into the community spreading itself without limitation, for music is a respecter of no person. And that may be its greatest power, that its boundaries are indeed limitless.
The Snowman Foundation

We are proud of our amazing team members in both our Washington and Oregon locations.  These people have been handpicked as the absolute experts in the piano-tuning field.  Due to their knowledge and their customer service skills, we are very grateful that we have the best in the industry working at Artisan Piano Services!

Joshua MayfieldJoshua Mayfield


Joshua, native of Bellevue, WA, came to Artisan with a wide array of skills and technical abilities, having been trained by some of the same Pacific Northwest’s industry leading technicians as David (Founder/Owner). Joshua has shown himself to be a true asset to our team with his love of pianos and working with people. He has always loved the piano because it blends music and mechanics in such a unique way. Joshua and his wife Amanda are true Pacific Northwest outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, and biking. They have a marvelous little boy named Owen.



At Artisan Piano Services, we seek out artisans who share our company’s vision and have the skills and ability to make that vision come to life.  Being a team in every sense of the word means that we rely on each other for help and encouragement; this unites us and enables us to better serve each other as well as our customers.  Our technicians are constantly honing their skills and teaching each other new techniques and practices. Our staff continually discusses and implements new ideas about how to better serve you, our valued customer. We are here to serve you not as individuals, but as a team of people who work together to give you the very best piano servicing experience possible.

Seattle Piano TuningThe holidays are just around the corner. Friends and family will be visiting and your piano is sure to be a part of the holiday merriment in your household.  Is your piano living up to its full potential and ready for the holidays? Over the years, piano parts and mechanisms can become worn and misaligned, creating an unevenness and lack of control for the player. The sound and tone of the piano suffers as well. Artisan Piano Services will work with you to maximize your piano’s sound and performance.

We are excited to now offer three new In Home service packages to the Seattle Washington area. Historically, this level of work was split over multiple service calls and was quite expensive. We are now able to; utilizing our incredibly talented technicians, offer these packages in one service call. This allows you to save money and get an incredible service.

Our three different full-service Seattle piano maintenance packages are designed to address the most common needs we have found in pianos after years of playing. These packages are for those whose pianos are in need of more than our standard tuning package.

All our packages include:

  • Piano Tuning
  • Preliminary Cleaning
  • Minor Repairs
  • Regulation of the Pedals
  • Assessment of the Piano’s Condition
  • Touch Up Regulation & Voicing

Depending on the needs of your piano, we can include additional services to make your piano ready for the holiday festivities. Contact us at our Seattle office, call us at 425.974.4100 or email: to schedule your Seattle piano tuning appointment with Artisan Piano Services, the #1 Seattle piano tuners!

seattle piano tuningA normal piano has 220 strings. Each string has a different pitch and frequency and must be tuned relative to the other strings on your piano. These strings decide the sound of your piano, so caring for them properly is fundamental. After some time these strings can stretch because of strain, which can make the piano go out of tune.

Pianos require less effort to tune, remain in better condition, and keep up their value all the more effortlessly when they are tuned frequently. Regular Seattle piano tuning additionally prevents harm that can happen when somebody plays overstretched strings. In the event that a piano hasn’t been tuned for some time, it will be more costly and take more time to get the piano back into tune which can be frustrating for the piano owner.

To make the strings on your piano keep going as long as possible, you ought to have the piano checked every six months. In the event that the strings disintegrate excessively, or if the strings are off key and not effectively utilized, at that point the piano must be restrung, which can, in some instances, cost as much as purchasing another piano.

The cost of a Seattle piano tune-up can range, yet over the long haul; it takes less money to tune a piano regularly than it does to fix a piano that hasn’t been tuned for quite a while. If you have purchased a new piano in Seattle Washington, you should tune it four times during the first year, as the new strings will stretch increasingly and leave tune quicker. If you tune your piano frequently in the early years that you own it, it will most likely stay in tune for longer periods of time even as it gets older!

Having an in-tune piano makes it fun to play!  Whether you are a learning to play the piano as an adult or a child, it is always a more positive experience when the piano you are playing sounds great!  Take care of your piano and it will remain a blessing in your life for years to come! 

Artisan Piano Services is the number one piano tuner in Seattle Washington.

Have you ever cracked the yellow pages or surfed the web in search of a piano tuner?  Then you’ve probably found yourself wondering, “Which one should I choose?”  What type of criteria do you use when finding a piano tuner?  Do you look for the company with the largest ads, do you search online for the company located closest to you? Or do you simply go for the cheapest option?  Or maybe the most expensive?  Once you find your piano tuner, how often should you tune your piano? It can all be a little confusing!  Let us shed some light on the entire process.

With regards to cost, the average piano tuner charges between $150-$200 for a standard piano tuning.  They may or may not include other services at the time of the appointment.  Artisan Piano Services includes a lot in our standard tuning “Bronze” package. The Bronze Package is a great service for someone who knows their piano needs more than just a tuning but isn’t quite ready for a fuller service. With this service, in addition to the tuning we will also adjust the action to be more responsive and take up the excessive slack in the parts.  It will make a significant improvement in the way the piano sounds and plays – enhancing your enjoyment of the instrument.

This service includes Tuning, Preliminary Cleaning, Minor Repairs, Regulation of the Pedals, Assessment of the Piano’s Condition, and Touch Up Regulation & Voicing all for $250! To learn more about our other packages, Click Here.

In our opinion, the best way to find a qualified tuner is through word of mouth.  You can do this by calling your most reputable piano retailer and asking for a recommendation.  Google, yelp, Facebook and Angie’s list are also great resources to find qualified technicians.  What you want to look for is someone with as much positive feedback and reviews as possible.  You want the best and the best are usually shown in these basic directories. 

Once you find your piano tuner, we recommend tuning no fewer than once a year.  Twice a year is definitely ideal and will make it so that your piano sounds at its best and will help keep potential problems under control with more frequent servicing. The main factors that cause a piano to go out of tune are temperature and humidity fluctuations.  So keeping your home as consistent as possible when it comes to the temperature and humidity is recommended.  Ideally having the temperature fluctuate no more than about 5-7degrees and keeping the humidity between 45-55% humidity is best and will keep your piano in good health.  Other factors that will lead to tuning stability are the quality of the instrument itself, frequency of maintenance and service as well as the skill level of the person performing the service.

Artisan Piano Services has offices in Oregon and Washington.  We provide a unique blend of old world craftsmanship and care with today’s technology and convenience while delivering unparalleled piano service.  We’ve built our reputation on the excellence of our artisans as well as the absolute quality of services we provide.

With our staff of highly trained technicians, we carry on the time-honored tradition of music, art and craftsmanship. Whether you are an accomplished professional, a budding artist, a teacher, or a family of beginners, our qualified piano technicians will create a memorable and worthwhile experience at each piano service.

Finally, what sets us apart from other piano tuners is that we offer a peace of mind guarantee. We guarantee that our expert piano tuners will leave you completely satisfied with your piano tuning service, or we will make it right. Our promise to you that if you ever have any problems after we service your piano, call us and we’ll send one of our technicians out free of charge to address your concerns. You have our word.  

Contact us today to learn more about our services. 

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Pianos in the ParkThis year, Artisan Piano Services was excited to participate in Pianos in the Park in Seattle Washington! PIANOS IN THE PLAZA is a collaboration between One Reel and our good friends at Classic Pianos.  The purpose of this event is to bring pianists and outdoor enthusiasts together for a fun occasion which takes place in South Lake Union August 3rd-30th.   This annual event gives the general public the opportunity to view and play beautiful pianos which are painted by local artists.  Artisan Piano Services’ own technician Josh was invited to participate in order to tune some of these one of a kind pianos.  In the past, these pianos are displayed in different locations around the Seattle area including Queen Anne’s Kerry Park, 12th Avenue Arts and Seattle Center.

Our friends at Classic Pianos donated the three pianos on display for the first ever PIANOS IN THE PLAZA. The first is a piano designed by Rachel Sprague that was first introduced at Pianos in the Parks in 2017. The other two were designed exclusively for PIANOS IN THE PLAZA by Tim Detweiler and Joseph Steininger.

Artisan Piano Services is always interested in giving back to the local communities where we live, work and play.  Please contact us if you have an event that might be a good match for us!

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