In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d come up with some reasons why people love their pianos! There are so many reasons why both adults and children benefit from the study of a musical instrument.  Here are just a few reasons to inspire you to learn the piano:

  • Music is very central to our lives and brings us all so much happiness. It can give us an emotional and creative outlet.
  • Playing an instrument is an excellent source of pleasure and fulfilment and it can also provide a deep sense of satisfaction.
  • The piano provides both melody and harmony; therefore it can be played solo without any accompaniment. This is not the case with many other musical instruments (like the clarinet or violin which only produce one line, usually the melody line, so an accompaniment is always needed).
  • Mastering the piano requires a tremendous amount of coordination so this can cultivate many useful mental skills. It really focuses your mind.
  • The study of music is an extension of the learning process so children who excel at piano playing often do well at school too.
  • Playing the piano provides a ready-made opportunity to perform. Performing is so important for everybody. If practiced regularly, it builds confidence – which is crucial for success in all walks of life.
  • It can develop a passion and an interest in life.
  • It’s fun!

We are proud of our amazing team members in both our Washington and Oregon locations.  These people have been handpicked as the absolute experts in the piano-tuning field.  Due to their knowledge and their customer service skills, we are very grateful that we have the best in the industry working at Artisan Piano Services!

Joshua MayfieldJoshua Mayfield


Joshua, native of Bellevue, WA, came to Artisan with a wide array of skills and technical abilities, having been trained by some of the same Pacific Northwest’s industry leading technicians as David (Founder/Owner). Joshua has shown himself to be a true asset to our team with his love of pianos and working with people. He has always loved the piano because it blends music and mechanics in such a unique way. Joshua and his wife Amanda are true Pacific Northwest outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, and biking. They have a marvelous little boy named Owen.


James HaanJames Han


James came to Artisan with over 15 years of experience in piano tuning, repair, regulation and sales. Before his move to Seattle, James acted as Head Technician for The Denver Piano Company for many years. In addition to studying with several well-respected technicians in Colorado and Washington, he has also received specialty training from Yamaha at their U.S. Corporate Headquarters in Buena Park, CA. James has also been a pianist for most of his life, and enjoys playing classical and jazz, along with composing music of his own. When he’s not in front of a piano, he enjoys traveling, podcasts, golf, biking, and discovering new and interesting restaurants in the Pacific Northwest.

At Artisan Piano Services, we seek out artisans who share our company’s vision and have the skills and ability to make that vision come to life.  Being a team in every sense of the word means that we rely on each other for help and encouragement; this unites us and enables us to better serve each other as well as our customers.  Our technicians are constantly honing their skills and teaching each other new techniques and practices. Our staff continually discusses and implements new ideas about how to better serve you, our valued customer. We are here to serve you not as individuals, but as a team of people who work together to give you the very best piano servicing experience possible.

We at Artisan Piano Services are so excited to announce our partnership with Seattle Piano Moving in the Washington area for your entire piano moving needs!  We recommend Seattle Piano Moving due to their friendly and professional staff, who are also highly qualified and helpful!  Artisan’s Founder David Hayes says of the partnership “I’ve known Aaron for years and am beyond excited to be partnering with him and Seattle Piano Moving.  Seattle Piano MovingWe both share an affinity for quality and providing our customers with the very best service.  We love how friendly, professional, and honest the Seattle Piano Moving Company is and know that our customers will receive the very best care for their piano!”

What makes a piano mover qualified and why should you use one?  According to Aaron Firpo, the owner and founder, first and foremost, piano movers know their pianos. It’s their job, and they work with these instruments day in and day out for their entire career. All of the oddball challenges of the job that come along like tricky stair moves, pianos that need to go over uneven terrain to reach a back door of a house, or an obscure assembly designs on a rare pianos are all things that a good piano mover is very well suited to handle. 

Professional piano movers have all of the equipment and knowledge necessary to get your piano moved from point a to point b safely while protecting your flooring and drywall in the process. This offers the piano owner peace of mind that their piano is being moved by the best.

Many piano movers also offer climate-controlled storage. Customers often find themselves in need of a safe climate controlled storage solution for their piano while they are in transition from one home to the next. This sort of humidity and temperature-controlled environment is critical for a pianos soundboard, pin block, and even finish to stay in tiptop shape. Improper storage (non-climate and humidity controlled) can lead to cracked soundboards, pin blocks, and shattered lacquer finishes. Piano movers are knowledgeable in the best temperature and humidity level to keep their storage facilities in to best protect your piano for the short or long term. 

Seattle Piano Moving“After we move a piano for a client, the next step is to have the piano tuned. A good piano tuner can bring a piano to life with color and tone that the instrument may not have shown before. We have found Artisan Piano Service to be part of the best piano technicians in the area.  We are proud to partner with Artisan for our client’s continued piano service.” – Aaron Firp.


For more information on Seattle Piano Moving, please contact them at:



Seattle Piano Moving  
3035 W Commodore Way,
Unit 309
Seattle, WA 98199


Truck: Tuesday – Saturday 8am-5pm
(Our moving team is off Sundays and Mondays)
Office: Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

We have some exciting news!  Last month Artisan Piano Services began servicing Michael Allen Harrison’s Snowman Foundation.  This foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing instruments, instruction and inspiration to deserving children.  The Snowman Foundation was formed in 1999 to fill the gap in music left by a lack of funds in schools. The foundation’s primary source of funding comes from their annual Ten Grands concert and since 2000, they have raised nearly three million dollars!  This wonderful organization allows people to donate in a few different ways. First you can donate your instrument, you can sponsor a child or you can volunteer your time.

We are so very proud to work with such an amazing organization and are blessed to be given the opportunity to discount our services to them so that they can get pianos ready for delivery to homes this holiday season!  The folks over at The Snowman Foundation are very happy with the way things are working, as they are now able to get pianos into young people’s homes quickly and with reliability! 

Jessica Johnson, Associate Professor of Piano and Director of Graduate Studies in Piano Pedagogy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, gives Hannah Kim, 9, some instruction and some physical tweaking during the Young Pianists Institute on this first day of the Portland International Piano Festival. Johnson calls Kim her ”Grand-student” because Kim’s instructor, Julia Hwakyo Lee, used to be a student of Johnson. Kim goes to Findley Elementary School and has been playing the piano since age six. Benjamin Brink/The Oregonian

Music has the power to change the life of one child, that we all know.  But the power to create goes far beyond the development of one individual student. It ripples out into the community spreading itself without limitation, for music is a respecter of no person.  And that may be its greatest power, that its boundaries are indeed limitless.

Ten Grands 2019
April 20th – 2:00pm

We thought our Artisan Piano Services customers might be interested in learning a little more about the instrument that they hold so dear! We built this business based on our passion for the piano and it’s unparalleled sound. With our staff of highly trained technicians, we carry on the time-honored tradition of music, art and craftsmanship. The piano has been around for quite some time. It all began in Padua, Italy in 1709, in the shop of a harpsichord maker named Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori (1655-1731). Many other stringed and keyboard instruments preceded the piano and led to the development of the instrument, as we know it today. Mankind’s knowledge that a taut, vibrating string can produce sound goes back to prehistoric times. In the ancient world, strings were attached and stretched over bows, gourds, and boxes to amplify the sound; they were fastened by ties, pegs and pins; and they were plucked, bowed or struck to produce sounds. Eventually, a family of stringed instruments with a keyboard evolved in Europe in the 14th century. The earliest of these was a dulcimer, a closed, shallow box over which stretched wires were struck with two wooden hammers. The dulcimer led to the development of the clavichord, which also appeared in the 14th century. These were followed by the spinet, virginal, clavecin, gravicembalo, and finally, the harpsichord in the 15th century. The harpsichord, however, was limited to one, unvarying volume. Its softness and loudness could not be varied while playing. Therefore, performing artists could not convey the same degree of musical expression as that of most other instruments. The artistic desire for more controlled expression led directly to the invention of the piano, on which the artist could alter the loudness and tone with the force of one’s fingers. The harpsichord was a particularly important development leading to the invention of the piano. Its ability to project sound more loudly than its predecessors, and refinements in the action (or touch) inspired many more musicians to compose for the keyboard and thus, to perform keyboard works. First exhibited in Florence in 1709, Cristofori’s new instrument was named gravicembalo col piano e forte (roughly “soft and loud keyboard instrument”). Eventually, it was shortened to fortepiano or pianoforte, and finally just piano. His earliest surviving instrument dates from 1720 and is on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Our customers are very passionate about their pianos as is our team here at Artisan Piano Services! Angela, our office manager, has been playing the piano for over 25 years and is our resident piano guru. James, a field technician in our Bellevue location has been a pianist for most of his life, and enjoys playing classical and jazz, along with composing music of his own. Joshua, the lead technician in Bellevue has always loved the piano because it blends music and mechanics in such a unique way. He has been trained by some of the Pacific Northwest’s industry leading technicians such as David (Founder/Owner.) David and Artisan Piano Services’ philosophy has always been the same: to bring old world craftsmanship and care to the modern world of piano service. Today, Artisan Piano Services has become one of the top piano servicing companies in the Pacific Northwest, with locations in Oregon and Washington and a strong desire to bring quality and craftsmanship to the piano industry, just like the piano builders of the past. “Time remembers those master artisans whose commitment to tradition and quality gave us a legacy of beauty, art and music. Like piano builders of old, we take great pride in continuing this time-honored tradition of simplicity, elegance and integrity. Our technicians are not only skilled piano tuners, but are also full-service rebuilders and consultants, doing whatever it takes to bring your piano back to its fullest life and potential.” David Hayes, Founder Artisan Piano Services Servicing Oregon and Washington
Sources include: History of the Piano. Ontario Pianos Inc.

Red OrnamentAs we head into the Holiday season with Thanksgiving upon us, our time will soon be spent with family and friends, places to be, shopping to be completed, and a full social calendar.  For many, this can cause a large amount of stress and in some cases; sadness for those who have lost loved ones or who feel lonely.  Studies have shown people who are taking piano lessons, or who play the piano consistently can weather the ups and downs of this time of year much better than those who don’t!

The positive benefits of playing an instrument such as the piano include relieving stress, and enhancing mental well-being. Depression, loneliness, anxiety and other emotional and mental issues can be directly affected by playing the piano. Studies have even shown that ongoing playing of the piano and other instruments can help to prevent future depression!

With that being said, make sure your piano is in tiptop shape with a tuning from Artisan Piano Services.  Depending on how often they are used, pianos generally need to be tuned 1-3 times each year to sound their best. Whether it has been a couple of months or 20 years since your piano was last tuned, give us a call to schedule an appointment with our expert piano tuners in the Seattle/Bellevue areas.  We offer a variety of piano tuning packages to suit your needs.

This wonderful instrument can help you get through the stress that comes with the Holiday season.  The piano is also the perfect place to visit with friends and family and share your love of music with those you love.

Seattle Piano TuningThe holidays are just around the corner. Friends and family will be visiting and your piano is sure to be a part of the holiday merriment in your household.  Is your piano living up to its full potential and ready for the holidays? Over the years, piano parts and mechanisms can become worn and misaligned, creating an unevenness and lack of control for the player. The sound and tone of the piano suffers as well. Artisan Piano Services will work with you to maximize your piano’s sound and performance.

We are excited to now offer three new In Home service packages to the Seattle Washington area. Historically, this level of work was split over multiple service calls and was quite expensive. We are now able to; utilizing our incredibly talented technicians, offer these packages in one service call. This allows you to save money and get an incredible service.

Our three different full-service Seattle piano maintenance packages are designed to address the most common needs we have found in pianos after years of playing. These packages are for those whose pianos are in need of more than our standard tuning package.

All our packages include:

  • Piano Tuning
  • Preliminary Cleaning
  • Minor Repairs
  • Regulation of the Pedals
  • Assessment of the Piano’s Condition
  • Touch Up Regulation & Voicing

Depending on the needs of your piano, we can include additional services to make your piano ready for the holiday festivities. Contact us at our Seattle office, call us at 425.974.4100 or email: to schedule your Seattle piano tuning appointment with Artisan Piano Services, the #1 Seattle piano tuners!


You’ve decided to finally take the plunge and invest in your piano by having her restored to her original beauty. The best thing that you can do is to seek out a professional piano restorer — someone who has the judgment, knowledge, and proficiency to guide you when making such an expensive and important decision. We always recommend asking for referrals and opinions from friends and family when seeking out a Seattle piano restorer. Angie’s List, Yelp, Facebook and Google all have excellent review sections to help you research piano restorers in Seattle.

The key question you need to answer: when are major piano repairs appropriate?


When you are seeking out a professional, keep in mind a few important factors:

  • The overall condition of the piano. Pianos that are subject to severe fire, flood, or moving damage may not be repairable, depending on the damage to the instrument.
  • The quality, size, and type of the piano. In general, low-priced, smaller pianos of a poorer quality and design have limited potential. It might be a better option to buy a new piano of better quality and design.
  • Does the cost of repairs exceed the price of replacement? This usually depends on the quality and size of the instrument. Smaller, lower-quality pianos may exceed the replacement price, but high-quality, large pianos may only cost half of the price to replace the instrument.
  • Then there is the sentimental value of the piano to you and your family. If a piano has been in your family for generations, the value of the restoration can have a profound impact on you! Check out our video below of a piano restoration project we did in Portland. 

These guidelines on restoring your piano using a Seattle based piano restoration business should help you in trying to decide whether or not your piano is worth rebuilding or reconditioning. Again, ask for referrals from friends and family and read reviews online before making your decision on which piano restorer to use. Ultimately, this could help you save money in the long run, not needing to repair your piano again if it’s done well the first time.

Rebuilding a Piano Seattle WashingtonA piano isn’t just a piece of the art of music, it is a masterpiece in itself. The machine is, to a great degree, complex and has a large number of moving parts. The piano is additionally one of only a handful of instruments out there that has stood the test of time. It has a gorgeous framework and a soundboard supporting string tension, all concealed by gorgeous finished cabinetry. The piano isn’t as delicate as different instruments, however it is subject to weakening over time. The felt wears, strings break, wooden structures weaken and split, and the exterior loses its finish. Given that a piano can mean a great deal to a family, these circumstances will lead the owner to question what to do next.  Their well-loved piano is in need of some TLC to bring it back to its original glory!

When discussuing how to restore a piano, our piano technicians at Artisan Piano Services usually refer to two terms: reconditioning and rebuilding.

Reconditioning Pianos in Seattle

Reconditioning a piano is a much less obtrusive service and is much easier than Rebuilding a piano.  Reconditioning includes cleaning, adjusting, repairing and replacing worn parts.  This service focuses on only the damaged or worn areas.

Rebuilding Pianos in Seattle

Reconditioning usually includes a complete disassemble of the piano — repairing parts that need to be repaired, including the replacement of any parts that show signs of being worn, damaged or deterioration.  Rebuilding focuses on the whole structure, including the soundboard, bridge, pinblock, and strings, and in addition the action, ivory keys, and case restoring. Rebuilding involves a complete facelift for the piano, totally converting it to its original state, or better!

Do you need to recondition or rebuild your piano?

Most pianos can go years without needing to be reconditioned or repaired, although the quality of the tone, touch, and outer appearance of the piano will continue to decline with age. This can be really agitating to someone trying to learn the piano, as the sound may not be at its best.  But ultimately, when regular maintenance that you perform on your piano (such as cleaning, regulating voicing, and tuning) can no longer provide a satisfactory performance, then it might be time for your piano to be reconditioned or rebuilt.

Now, whether your piano is in need of a little reconditioning or a total overhaul or rebuilding depends on its original quality, its surrounding climate, and its usage and performance requirements. One piano may need rebuilding after 20 years of use, but another may last over 50 years. Maybe the most important factor to some will be whether or not the piano has sentimental and personal value. If the instrument has historical value, this can be a key factor in deciding whether a piano should be rebuilt or repaired.  

If you are interested in learning more about Reconditioning Pianos in Seattle or Rebuilding Pianos in Seattle, please contact Artisan Piano Services in our Seattle office (425) 974-4100



seattle piano tuningA normal piano has 220 strings. Each string has a different pitch and frequency and must be tuned relative to the other strings on your piano. These strings decide the sound of your piano, so caring for them properly is fundamental. After some time these strings can stretch because of strain, which can make the piano go out of tune.

Pianos require less effort to tune, remain in better condition, and keep up their value all the more effortlessly when they are tuned frequently. Regular Seattle piano tuning additionally prevents harm that can happen when somebody plays overstretched strings. In the event that a piano hasn’t been tuned for some time, it will be more costly and take more time to get the piano back into tune which can be frustrating for the piano owner.

To make the strings on your piano keep going as long as possible, you ought to have the piano checked every six months. In the event that the strings disintegrate excessively, or if the strings are off key and not effectively utilized, at that point the piano must be restrung, which can, in some instances, cost as much as purchasing another piano.

The cost of a Seattle piano tune-up can range, yet over the long haul; it takes less money to tune a piano regularly than it does to fix a piano that hasn’t been tuned for quite a while. If you have purchased a new piano in Seattle Washington, you should tune it four times during the first year, as the new strings will stretch increasingly and leave tune quicker. If you tune your piano frequently in the early years that you own it, it will most likely stay in tune for longer periods of time even as it gets older!

Having an in-tune piano makes it fun to play!  Whether you are a learning to play the piano as an adult or a child, it is always a more positive experience when the piano you are playing sounds great!  Take care of your piano and it will remain a blessing in your life for years to come! 

Artisan Piano Services is the number one piano tuner in Seattle Washington.


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